The Surreal Rise of Paris Aspen Arin

Teenage is a period of life when an individual is on a journey to explore different experiences and going through biological transitions. It is a time when a person is excited about the world, to learn, grow, and experience a different kind of things they come across in their surroundings. This makes teenage a pretty messy phase of life, and to think that you could have it all together seems pretty far-fetched from reality.

However, some teens are redefining are mere expectations. They are making a name of themselves by pursuing different talents and skills which they possess. A vibrant example is Paris Aspen Arin, who is hitting great heights of popularity. Paris is 14 and hails from Miami, Florida. She has a profound talent in composing piano music, writing, and singing. She has extended her commendable abilities and has set on a path of achieving massive success.

Paris is a 9th-grade student in Western Florida. She is someone who started learning the ability to read music before she was able to write or read. Today, Paris is a pianist and has bagged spectacular performance appearances nationwide with brilliant musicians and symphonies. She has been a sensation with six performances at Carnegie Hall. She has also performed twice at Lincoln Centre as well as once at St. Louis Symphony.

A rising star on Instagram, Paris has a fair share of interests in music, singing, writing as well as vlogging. Here are the areas of her accomplishments:

Music: In the span of two years (2017 and 2018), Paris has released a total number of five singles, mainly in the genres of Pop and Classical. They go by the following titles: “My Shelter”, “Shelter”, “One World (featuring Guillermo Lefeld)”, and Storm, and“What’s Inside of You”. Paris’ music is widely available on major platforms like Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Shazam, Amazon Music, and many others. With her singles, she has earned massive recognition as a pop star and recording artist. Paris is working with major Grammy-winning producers to further establish her tenacity as an artist. It is exciting what she’s set to put forward out in the music scene.

Children’s book series: After music, if there is anything she has remarkably excelled, it is writing. Paris has authored a children’s book series called “Sonatina In The Woods”, which is growing insanely popular now. She started publishing books at a tender age of 12 and now is a recognized author for children’s book series.

Music Ambassador for Harmony for Peace Foundation: Through her music and writing, Paris has always endorsed peace and love. She centers her work on the point of spreading peace in the world. She takes pride in the honor of being recognized for the efforts

Paris is exemplary for all those people who want to reach great success in life and do not wish their age group to stand in their way. She certainly remains a great source of inspiration for young people in the world today.

Harry T. Prewitt

Harry T. Prewitt